Non Teaching

Beautiful school –
So tidy, so clean,
Everything in place!
Stereo-players and mic sets,
Classes spic & span in every corner,
Flower vases on the table!
Not a speck of dust,
Not even a rose petal in the wrong place!

A masterpiece of man’s ingenuity,
-A miracle of human hands!

The school is proud to have a group of loyal and hard working Non-Teaching Staff who look after the whole school in a very friendly manner

List of Non-Teaching Staff

1 Mr. Maria Lazar S
2 Mr. Arulraj S
3 Mr. Thomas G
4 Mr. Daniel Joseph Christy
5 Mr. Pascal Raj S
6 Mr. Ravichandran P
7 Mr. Jayavelu
8 Mr. Arockiadoss Sathish
9 Mrs. Helen Francina
10 Mr. Xavier
11 Mr. Arockiadass
12 Mr. Barnabas
13 Mrs. Amalorpamary
14 Mr. Gopi T
15 Mr. Vinoth Kumar
16 Mrs. Usha T
17 Mrs. Arputhamary
18 Mrs. Sheela L
19 Mrs. Carmel V
20 Mrs. Fathima A
21 Mr. Aadhiappan
22 Mr. Vijay M
23 Mr. Surya Raj R
24 Mr. Antony Dass
25 Mr. Samuel N
26 Mr. Ramalingam
27 Mr. Selva Kumar