1. FESTA DI TALENTI – Festival of Talents
    This cultural extravaganza is a real feast to the student community of Chennai. It paves a platform to showcase the hidden potentials. This was started way back in 2012 and from then on we have had best of response from the various schools of the city. There are more than 30 schools and 1000 students from various schools who vie with each other in a healthy spirit of competition. We have witnessed over the years how these two days of programme has really energized and enthused every participant to steer themselves. The inauguration on the first day gets kick started by a well-known celebrity that sets a tone. The day is packed with events both onstage and offstage. All through the day there are celebrities who grace the occasion to encourage and to motivate. We see to that budding artists are invited and their performance on stage steals the mind of the audience. On the second day during valedictory function every winner is awarded with a shield and a certificate. The school that tops the table is endowed with overall championship trophy. We recognize the first five places with a trophy. We do go an extra mile in acknowledging every school that excels in a particular field and they carry home a special tag of appreciation award. The distinctiveness of our cultural is the crowning event titled ‘ Mr. and Ms. Talenti’. Students who turn winners from various competitions are finalized and they compete with each other. Each student is really tested on the floor to exhibit the best in him/her. At the end of it a boy and a girl is chosen and are crowned.
             Along with a medal, certificate they are offered a bicycle too. The official sponsors of our cultural event are ‘Just buycylce’ and ‘Rotary Club of Chennai Rainbow’. This event is a boon to our own Bedeans as it offers them an opportunity to nurture the organizing skills.
              This is an intra-school cultural competition to mark the children’s day. The students are grouped as Savio, Bosco, Rua and Thomas and accordingly right from primary classes they are categorized as sub-juniors, juniors and seniors. Various competitions like singing, dancing, drawing, Vegetable carving, more chillies pokies machine fancy dress etc. are piloted both onstage and offstage paving way for students to exhibit their talents. Each winner is awarded with a prize and a certificate. A platform of this sort enables students to cultivate a vigorous spirit of competition.
             In order to conscientize on the pertinence of health and hygiene an innovative idea that sparked is ‘CYLE DAY’. The School has a close tie up with Just Buycycle a well-known cycle company all over the world. Picking the novel idea of cycling instead of getting automatized to the use of two wheeler or four wheeler. The maxim that enthused us was ‘Cycle a day and Just buycycle a day’. The Just Buycycle Company is ever ready to sponsor cycles in large numbers to have this event organized. The student community is categorized from primary section to seniors into sub juniors, juniors and seniors. The students of primary section have their events all based on cycles conducted in the school campus. The juniors and seniors have their events held in the School main field (behind ALL INDIA RADIO). The entire day is celebrated as cycle day and so the events like ‘slow cycle race, 50 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters, obstacle race, etc are well thought off and meticulously planned with the support of the teaching and the non-teaching staff. At the end of it the winners bag the prizes which are sponsored by Just buycycle company. We could boldly affirm that the event of this sort has channelized the thinking of our young minds to the right use of cycles and they develop right conception of being hale and healthy.
               The school gives utmost priority to the holistic growth of catholic students. Every first Friday of the month the catholic students of all three schools namely St. Bede’s A. I. Hr. Sec. School, St. Dominic Savio Mat. Hr. Sec. School and St. Bedes’ Senior Secondary School gather in the School Auditorium to take part in the holy mass. Each class get an opportunity to organize and solemnize the liturgy. This is a special privilege that the catholic students cherish at the school.
    The catholic students attend catechism classes during the first hour of the day daily. During such classes they are also invited to make their confessions after due preparation. Each class gets a turn in cycle to avail this sacrament. A priest is appointed as confessor to prepare the students and for their confessions.
    The Catholic parents and the students are invited by the management to take part in the Holy Mass on two occasions. 1. The Assumption of Mary and the Independence Day (August 15 th ) 2. Feast of Don Bosco (January 31 st ). On August 15 th during the mass the boarders of the School receive their First Holy Communion. At the end of both the feast days sumptuous breakfast is served for everyone.
    Month of October is commemorated as the month of the Holy Rosary. During the catechism classes each class gathers in the school chapel and recite the Holy Rosary. They meditate on the life of Jesus during such spiritual exercise. The members of the staff too have the privilege of reciting the rosary after the school hours.
    The month of January is dedicated to our father and founder St. John Bosco. In honour of our saint the entire student community is provided with quiz material that covers the life of Don Bosco. At first written competition is conducted category wise and later the boys who perform well move to the oral competitions. Apart from this drawing and painting competitions are conducted to various classes on theme of Don Bosco. The winners of quiz and drawing/painting competitions are awarded with attractive prizes.
          The Kalvi Valarchi Naal was celebrated and a special assembly was organised by the Tamil Literary Association on the 15th of July, 2019. A small skit was performed by the students from the middle school.  Cultural programmes relating to Tamil Culture was also displayed.  The Head of the Tamil Department, Mr. Valan Arasu spoke about Kamarasar.
               Besides the celebration of Kamaraj’s birthday, the Tamil Literary Association also Involve the students in celebrating Pongal Festival, taking part in Intra and Inter School Cultural Programmes, Competitions and have won various Tamil Competitions in Chennai Schools.
               The Bible is the library to dame once our own spiritual being.  It is the sacred Book of the Christians.  The Bible is inspired by God. Bible week is the festival of The Holy Book – A path to Holiness in the name “Festum Biblia”.  It was celebrated from the 14th of October to the 19th of October, 2019.
          With the guidance and support of our Headmaster, Rev. Fr. Stephen Joseph, the programmes were organised in a glorious manner.
               The Inauguration of the Bible week on the 14th of October began in a majestic way by our Administrator, Rev. Fr. Francis Xavier.
               The competitons were conducted for the Catholic Students from Stds. IV to IX, The students from Stds. IV to VI were categorised as Juniors and Stds VII to IX were categorised as Seniors.
               The competitors were splendid in their participation for each of the competitions listed below: 

    DAY 2 15/10/2019  PSALM RECITATION
    DAY 3 16/10/2019  PARABLE ENACTING
    DAY 4 17/10/2019  BIBLE QUIZ – PRELIMINARY

    The striking and imposing effects of learning the Holy Book brought successful results.  The students were awarded with momentos and books.   The programmes were magnificently organised by Mr. Jerry Vasanth, Mrs. Maria Selvi and the Catechism Teachers from Stds IV to IX.