Welcome to St.Bedes Anglo-Indian Hr. Sec. School

St.Bede’s Stands for Loving Relationships, Integrity and Excellence.

Loving Relationship with God,Self,Neighbour and Nature is our goal

Intergrity is the Basic of Our Relationship

Excellence is a Joyful Endeavour

Headmaster's Message

Dear Students and Parents, Greetings from St. Bede’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School. St. Bede’s has been a progressive and high achieving salesian school serving the society with distinction. When one looks back at the past years, there is a satisfying feeling to see clear evidence of stability and sustainability in academics, sports and games, culturals and in the administration of the school. We thank the Almighty for bringing together the right people at the right time each endowed with unique strengths and talents united by a common cause. We seek God’s blessings and guidance in every step of our way in the years ahead.
Don Bosco’s method of education is not a method of teaching a subject; rather it is a method of building a relationship between student and teacher which transforms and energizes the students to develop their potentialities – Physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social. In todays’ fast changing and high – tech world, the young are bombarded with information through the internet and Mass media. The “Expressive system” of education imparted with the spirit of Don Bosco, will continue to work wonders in the lives of the students, especially the needy and the poor. Let us be reminded of the words of Mother Theresa, “Like Jesus we belong to the world, living not for ourselves but for others. This joy of the Lord is our strength”. Readmore

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Rector's Message

Dear friends, We are already in the month of March which ushers in the Annual Exams and Board Exams. All of you, dear students, have been studying, preparing and revising the subjects taught at school. Now it is time to show, through exams, the depth of your knowledge, understanding and the assimilation of the subjects learned. I am saying all this but having in mind particularly the 12th, 11th and 10th grade students. Today the 12th grade students have begun their exams and the 11th and 10th grade students will follow suit shortly. I know that you all have studied and understood the concepts really well. You have honestly put a lot of hard work all this time. Therefore, there is nothing to worry, for the harder you work, the luckier you get. Good things happen to those willing to put in the effort, exercise discipline and make the sacrifices that personal and professional greatness requires. I believe all of you have done all this, obviously with the help of your parents and teachers. Dear students, maintain a study-life balance: exercise well, eat sufficiently, keep a regular sleep pattern. Be confident, think positive, trust in all the hard work you have put in. Do your best and leave the rest to God. We are all praying for you. May God bless each and every one of you now and always! All the best!

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