Dear Parents, Students and Well-Wishers,

Life on this planet is the greatest gift of God and we are privileged to occupy the highest degree of creation as humans. We have spent a number of years seeing the various changes that impact our life physically, mentally and spiritually.

At the wake of every New Year we take a resolution to gift the gift of life a whole new start. At the end of the year the big question arises. We seldom have answers to our progress.

Resolution sets the base to guide and frame our actions. It articulates our values. To begin with, do we even think of a resolution before we work on keeping it?

Resolutions help individuals work on self improvement. It cements goals and keeps everyone aligned and aiming for the same target. A solid resolution is about process that is simple, achievable and measurable. Creating a process or system can help in going all the way. In the end process will win.

So my dear friends, the time to take decisions on the best prospects and make dreams come true is possible only if one follows a decision to make it happen. Do the best and the rest will follow.

Let this year bring newness of life and the spirit to do the best in all activities.

Have a wonderful year ahead as you walk along attaining everything that you have planned.

Wishing you all a happy 2022.

God Bless.