Dear Staff & Students of St. Bede’s Anglo-Indian HS School,                                                                       17/06/2024   

Good morning & welcome back to the school after your well-deserved summer vacation. I particularly extend a hearty welcome to all the new students to “the school of our hearts”: St. Bede’s. Despite warmer weather conditions, I suppose you enjoyed the summer relaxing yourselves, visiting new places and meeting with significant people.

Let me express a sincere word of Congratulations to you Fr. Y.L Irudayaraj (HM) and the Staff for your untiring work and interest you put in in the education and formation of our students last year. God bless you!

Dear students, let me right away ask all of you to commit yourselves very seriously & determinedly to your studies & activities, education & formation from the very start of this school year 2024-25.

No doubt that the management and the staff will keep reminding you of your duties & obligations, so that you may work harder towards becoming good students and honest citizens excelling in anything that is good and great. To this end, what is crucially needed is your collaboration & commitment without which nothing great will happen to you. We call this “self-motivation”.

What is this ‘self-motivation”? one might ask.

Well, self-motivation is the quality of being capable of hard work & effort without the need for pressure from others. In other words, it is the ability to drive oneself to achieve goals, overcome obstacles, and persevere in the face of challenges without relying on external factors such as rewards, praise, or encouragement from others.

Self-motivation, which reflects the mental determination & will to achieve what one wants, is indeed the key to happiness & success in life. Obviously, it has two dimensions: one is related to our mind, for it prompts us to think where we want to go and what we want to do. The other is related to action, for it makes us act and achieve what we desire. As you know, self-motivated persons determine the goals and act strongly to achieve them.

In order to be self-motivated, one must be self-confident, be believing in oneself, for sure. Clearly, with faith in one-self, faith in others and faith in God, one can really achieve great things in life. Therefore, dear students, get self-motivated and be self-confident. You will work wonders in life!

Lastly but importantly, I would like to tell you about the school renovation work currently underway. The Anglo-Indian School’s main building is over 100 years old now and therefore is in need of renovation. The roof on the first-floor is getting renovated and there are other locations in & around the building which must be done up as well. I would ask to pray for the successful completion of this whole project. Likewise, I would also ask you to contribute to this honest & urgent cause in whatever way possible, so that we may be able to have the building renovated and other school facilities modernised and, that the whole St. Bede’s Reality becomes really up-to-date, more adequate and educative. Kindly, pass on the information to all our Old-Bedeans and Friends of St. Bede’s.

May God bless all our efforts and projects!

Thank you and wish you all the best in your life and commitments!

Fr. D.J. Sagayaraj

Rector & Correspondent.

Dear Parents, Students and Well-Wishers,

Life on this planet is the greatest gift of God and we are privileged to occupy the highest degree of creation as humans. We have spent a number of years seeing the various changes that impact our life physically, mentally and spiritually.

At the wake of every New Year we take a resolution to gift the gift of life a whole new start. At the end of the year the big question arises. We seldom have answers to our progress.

Resolution sets the base to guide and frame our actions. It articulates our values. To begin with, do we even think of a resolution before we work on keeping it?

Resolutions help individuals work on self improvement. It cements goals and keeps everyone aligned and aiming for the same target. A solid resolution is about process that is simple, achievable and measurable. Creating a process or system can help in going all the way. In the end process will win.

So my dear friends, the time to take decisions on the best prospects and make dreams come true is possible only if one follows a decision to make it happen. Do the best and the rest will follow.

Let this year bring newness of life and the spirit to do the best in all activities.

Have a wonderful year ahead as you walk along attaining everything that you have planned.

Wishing you all a happy 2022.

God Bless.